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Medicine continues to be one of the most popular career interests among incoming University of Michigan students, which should not come as a surprise given the popularity and prestige commonly associated with this profession.  Many students will stay true to this interest and forge ahead on their path to become physicians. Yet, after a few challenging science classes and/or hours spent in clinical settings, a good number of students will question their fit for the medical profession and re-evaluate their plans, pursuing other health-related careers or moving in totally different directions. On the other hand, many other students (who did not enter UM as "pre-meds") will discover medicine as a result of academic, co-curricular, or life experiences later on. All of these scenarios are completely normal and typical of sound student career development. Regardless of where you fall on this continuum, the information on this website and, more importantly, conversations with the University Career Center pre-health counselors can help you figure out the next steps in your journey.

If you need assistance with:

  • Exploring the health professions
  • Identifying opportunities to volunteer, engage in research and shadow practitioners
  • Discussing ways to develop pre-med competencies
  • Building a strong flle with reference letters
  • Connecting with medical students and admissions representatives
  • Preparing for your interviews
  • Discussing gap years and alternate plans....

The University Career Center can help!

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*Individualized assistance with academic requirements, MCAT preparation, application timing and mechanics, school selection, completion of primary and secondary applications, personal statement and other essays' reviews, etc. is available through the Newnan Advising Center and possibly also through the pre-med academic advisors within your School, College, Department or Program.  For an appointment in Newnan, call 734/764-0332.

Graphic showing that there over 1,200 alumni in the medical field who could potentially be contacted by students looking to learn more