MMI Resources

The following resources will help in familiarizing yourself with what MMIs are about as well as providing tips on how to prepare.  You will find that not all the preparation advice out there is consistent, so be sure to incorporate the tips and strategies that make the most sense to you.  Please note that the UM University Career Center does not endorse any particular website or admissions consulting service.  This short compilation is for informational purposes only:

A brief introductory video on how one medical school handles MMIs by VTC

Demo of two MMI's scenarios by representatives from Duke and CWRU Medical Schools

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI): Winning Strategies From Admissions Faculty
by Samir P. Desay, M.D., 2016

Multiple mini-interviews gain traction at schools, including DO

MMI Preparation resources by the Columbia Bioethics Program

The 10 Commandments for the MMI Interview by The Savvy Pre-Med

Big List of All Med School Interview Questions by

200 sample MMI questions by BeMo

The Medical School MMI Interview (with Example Questions and Answers) by MedEdits

MMI Interview: The Ultimate Guide (150 Sample Questions Included) by Shemmassian

250 Sample MMI Interview Questions to Practice in 2021 by The Savvy Pre-Med

Medical School Interview Question Generator by The Savvy Pre-Med