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The following resources will help in familiarizing yourself with what MMIs are about as well as providing tips on how to prepare.  Please note that the UM University Career Center does not endorse any particular website or service.  The compilation is for informational purposes only:

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI): Winning Strategies From Admissions Faculty
by Samir P. Desay, M.D., 2016
With detailed advice, based on evidence from research in the field and perspectives of admissions faculty, this book will provide valuable information about MMIs, what to expect, how to prepare, what common mistakes to avoid, etc.

What to Expect During a Medical School Multiple Mini Interview
Jessica Freedman, M.D., Feb. 24, 2015
US News and World Report
Provides a current overview of what to expect with the Multi-Mini Interview (MMI).

Demo of two MMI's scenarios
Career Center program November 2015
Representatives from Duke and CWRU Medical Schools facilitate a demonstration of two MMI type of scenarios with the help of UM student volunteers.

On your mark, get set, interview!
Tracie White, Jan. 10, 2011
Stanford Medicine News Center
Description of the MMI interview process.

New for Aspiring Doctors, the People Skills Test
Gardiner Harris, July 10, 2011
The New York Times
Describes the intent of the MMI interview process.

Let’s all Play Doctor: do you have what it takes to get through the Multiple Mini Interview?
Millar, E. (2009, September 21). Let's all play doctor: do you have what it takes to get through the Multiple Mini Interview? Maclean's, 122(36), 50+. Retrieved from
Provides history of MMI along with tips on how to prepare.

Multiple mini-interviews gain traction at schools
The multiple mini-interview (MMI) is just beginning to take hold in osteopathic medical education, with a handful of DO schools using or testing the protocol.

Portland State University Tips on MMI Interviews
Provides links with  information about MMI history, sample questions, prompts used by interviewers, & qualities sought by medical schools.

Explaining the MMI
A video of a Professor from the University of Sydney explains how the MMI’s work, what to expect, and most importantly, what they are looking for during the interviews.

MMI Preparation resources from the Columbia Bioethics Program
Bioethics provides a framework through which pre-health students can analyze and make ethical decisions, the means to weigh and resolve competing ethical principles, and processes for solving ethical conflicts. Check these free resources.

How to Prepare for the MMI
A video from BeMo Academic Consulting with tips on how to prepare for the MMI.

200 sample MMI questions
A compilation by BeMo utilizing multiple sources.

Sample MMI Question with Expert Answer
A video from BeMo Academic Consulting that goes through a sample MMI question including how to recap the question for the interviewer, as well as outlining an expert answer.

What it’s like to Participate in Multiple Mini-Interviews
A fact sheet from the Association of American Medical Colleges with the what, why and how’s of MMIs.

The Medical School MMI Interview (with Example Questions and Answers)
Use these proven strategies by MedEdits and learn how to master the medical school MMI interview. Practice with MMI example questions and scenarios.