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An Immersion is a unique opportunity to learn about an industry by visiting an organization's workplace. In a small group setting (~20), students will engage with professionals, be welcomed by staff, tour the company and explore their interests by experiencing a typical workday. In other terms, you'll be able to 'See the space. Meet the people. Do the job!'

Immersions are half-day, on-site trips to companies and organizations. Each semester the University Career Center regularly hosts Immersions focused on a diverse range of industries. 

Students have the chance to ask questions to professionals in the field, go “behind the scenes” of a fashion boutique, work through a case study, role play real world problems, develop a PR pitch, create a business plan, network with Michigan alums, and find out about potential job and internship opportunities.

Since Immersions started in 2008, students have explored more than 30 different types of industries through visiting over 200 companies. Immersions have been hosted in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Detroit, D.C., Denver, Cleveland, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York City.

NOTE: Due to the high interest of students to attend Immersions, students may be limited to only attending one immersion per semester.  



Upcoming Immersions

           Handshake Applications open from January 6th - January 19th

            Handshake Applications open from January 13th - January 26th

  • Austin Spring Break 2020 Immersion Tuesday, March 3rd & Wednesday, March 4th (eBay, Indeed and Google)
  • Austin Spring Break 2020 Immersion Wednesday, March 4th & Thursday, March 5th (Box, RetailMeNot and Duo)

           Handshake Applications will open late January 2020 -- stay tuned for more details!


Questions? Email 

To apply for an Immersion, click on the link to be taken to the Immersion event page in Handshake. Next click 'join event' and then a survey will prompt you to fill out an application for the Immersion event. Students will be notified of the status of their application before the event. By filling out an application for an Immersion, you are confirming your attendance to the event should you be selected. 


Three Ways An Immersion Will Fast-Track Your Career Decision

"This was an amazing experience to explore my interests, explore a company, and network. I learned about a whole area of the business I didn't know existed that matches my interests perfectly. It was a great way to picture what it would be like work there and ask all my questions in a more informal environment. I now have a clearer picture of what I want to do and how I want to get there."

To start, Immersions are a unique experience for UM students. It is not every day you get to see the inside of a company. So if you're reading this already, you're one of the lucky ones because when we say this is a special opportunity, we mean it. By attending an Immersion, you will have the opportunity to - 'See the space. Meet the people. Do the job.'

What An Immersion Is

1. 'See the space': See If It’s A Place You Would Fit Into

There are tons of questions to consider when thinking about the work culture, environment, and company values that are often hard to know without seeing it for yourself.

Think you would like working in a cubicle every day? Are you more of an “open office” type with no walls? Maybe you realize you’d hate the idea of an office altogether. Could you work in a place that has constant noise, tons of collaboration and the potential of getting blind-sided by a nerf gun or would you rather have quiet spaces, independent projects, and a lot of travel? 

2. 'Meet the people': Get A Clear Understanding Of What A Job Is Really Like – From People Who Do It Every Day

An Immersion is experiencing an actual day in the working world from inside the office and through the stories of real employees. It’s going to Starcom MediaVest Group and learning from past UM Alumni by asking questions, learning how the company functions, seeing what the culture is like, and sitting down with real people with real experience to tell you the reality of working in marketing. 

An Immersion can help you take a next step and get ahead of your peers through networking and building connections.

You can ask the UM Alumni, current employees, or recruiters that often lead Immersions for tips on how to prepare in your undergrad to apply. Ask what they look for in applicants. What did they do before working at Starcom? What was their major? Here their stories and get their advice!

3. 'Do the job': Experience the work - Engage in a 'typical work day' activity 

Immersion visits will provide students with the opportunity to experience part of an actual job of a company. Let's say you're learning about sales roles within a company- they might engage you in a mini sales academy to teach you the top three tips to close a deal. If you're exploring a trading company, you might sit in on a mock trading floor to experience what the fast-paced work would feel like. You could even be asked to brainstorm a new product to be added to a company line- and the list goes on! In doing so, you will be able to gain a true sense of the work to help inform future career making decisions. 

Then when you return to campus, don’t forget to follow up! Ask for their card. Send a thank you. Add them on LinkedIn and really take advantage of meeting them face-to-face. Building your professional network will set you a part in the long run so make the most of your experience! You never know whom the people you meet may know or how they can open up opportunities for you so be intentional.

Check out this video to get a glimpse of a previous Immersion to NYC! 

History of Immersions

Immersions began in 2008 as an opportunity for students to get a first-hand experience in their field of interest. 

Beginning primarily in southeast Michigan and Chicago, students were able to explore their interests and experience a "day in the life" of an employee in order to take steps in clarifying their career goals.

Immersions have now spread from the Ann Arbor/Detroit to cities on both U.S. coasts and the program is continuing to expand to new states each year. 

See below for all the companies students' have visited since 2008! 

Previous Immersions







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