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Attend A Workshop

If you're here to attend a workshop, we have a variety of options that you can choose from. This includes:

  • Coffee Chats- Informal conversations with a career coach
  • Ready, Set, Intern for First Year and Transfer Students
  • Resume Labs
  • Internship & Job Search Labs
  • Pre-Health & Pre-Law workshops
  • And more!

All of these can be found on Handshake, our events calendar, and the Happening @ Michigan calendar.


Request A Workshop

If you're here to request a workshop, the following workshops are available upon request (descriptions of each workshop can be found below):

  • The Essentials: Intro to UCC, Handshake, and UCAN (University Career Alumni Network)
  • Acing the Interview
  • Are You LinkedIn?
  • Building Your Network
  • Career Competencies: Skills all Employers are Looking for and How to Get Them
  • CliftonStrengths Program- Start with Talent; Finish with Strengths- UNLEASH YOUR TALENTS
  • Assessing How Committed an Organization is to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

To request a workshop, please select the button below and fill out the form. Any questions can be directed to Alexis Schmidt - [email protected].


Request a Workshop


Accommodation Information

We want to ensure full and equitable participation in our events. If an accommodation would promote your full participation in this event, please indicate your accommodation requirements in this form, preferably at least 14 days prior to the program. If you have any questions regarding access to our programs, please don't hesitate to reach out to Alexis Schmidt at [email protected]. To ensure sufficient time for arranging your requested accommodation(s) or exploring suitable alternatives, we kindly request that you inform us as soon as possible.

Workshop Descriptions

Ace Your Interview

Did you know that failure to make eye contact is one of the most common mistakes in an interview? How do you know if you’re answering questions the best way? Come join us to learn about tips and tricks on interviewing, practice some interview questions and learn what you should wear during an interview.

You should request this workshop if you…

  • Kinda freak out about interviewing
  • Answered an interview question by saying only “yes” before
  • Read this and had TFW you’re not sure if you’re doing it right
  • Are graduating and want to get a job
  • Want to land that sweet summer internship

What you’ll do…

  • Learn the 3 R’s of prepping for an interview
  • Understand how first impressions impact your decision
  • Test out tips and tricks on interviewing with your friends

Are You LinkedIn?

So, what's the difference between a resume and LinkedIn profile? 87% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to attract and find their next employee. 92% of recruiters prefer to hire through LinkedIn rather than any other social network. Additionally, learning from what alumni and other professionals have done in their career is a great way to explore areas of interest and majors.   
This workshop is designed to walk students through building their own LinkedIn profile and the value of a LinkedIn profile.

You should request this workshop if you...

  • Have been putting off making a LinkedIn profile, and ask yourself, "why should I even make one?"
  • Want to learn ways to connect with alumni and friends
  • Are looking for ways to boost your internship or job search game

What you’ll do...

  • Understand differences in a resume vs. a LinkedIn profile
  • Build a LinkedIn profile that has at least 5 sections completed
  • Recognize ways to utilize LinkedIn and UCAN for building connections

Building Your Network

70% of jobs/internships are found through networking, wait, what? But, how do I start “networking?” This workshop will give you the confidence and tools to examine personal and potential connections with alumni and professionals.  We will go into how to conduct informational interviewing to use as a tool for connection building.

You should request this program if you...

  • Feel like you should be “networking” but not sure how to begin
  • Want to learn ways to connect with alumni and friends
  • Looking for ways to boost your internship or job search game

What you’ll do:

  • Develop an understanding of networking and the importance
  • Examine your current and potential connections
  • Identify ways to expand your network
  • Recognize ways to utilize LinkedIn and UCAN for building connections

Career Competencies: Skills all Employers are Looking For and How to Get them

Most employers are looking for recent graduates that have these 8 career competencies. The hardest part is knowing what they are looking for and how to gain competence and skills in those areas. Join us as we explore what the competencies are, how to talk about your areas of strength, and how to build up your areas of growth!

You should request this workshop if you:

  • Aren’t sure what skills and experiences you should be getting
  • Want to learn how to give an elevator pitch
  • Want to build up your strengths and develop ways to gain skills/experiences

What you’ll do...

  • Develop a plan to develop an area that would be helpful in getting a job/internship
  • Practice how to talk to employers or connections
  • Learn what employers/graduate schools are looking for in candidates

The Essentials: Introduction to UCC, Handshake and UCAN (University Career Alumni Network)

Have you heard of Handshake? Did you think it was spam? You know networking is important, but stuck on how to connect with alumni? In this workshop, we will let you know the 5 ways to utilize our office. Then we will focus on demoing our most popular platforms; Handshake & UCAN (University Career Alumni Network).  
This will be an interactive session, so laptops or tablet to demo the websites are necessary.

You should request this workshop if you…

  • Aren’t sure how to use the UCC beyond resumes
  • Want to learn how to connect to alumni
  • Are looking for an internship or job
  • Want to attend on-campus recruiting events

What you’ll do...

  • Unearth 5 ways to utilize our office
  • Learn why you should use Handshake, and setup a search filter
  • Explore how to use UCAN and schedule an informational interview

CliftonStrengths Program- Start with Talent; Finish with Strengths- UNLEASH YOUR TALENTS

IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO NOTE: This program requires participants to take a $19.99 assessment called CliftonStrengths 48 hours in advance to prepare for the session. You can send an email to Joelle Fundaro Randall [email protected] to learn how your organization can purchase the codes in advance. We look forward to working with you.

Gallup studies indicate that people who have the opportunity to focus on their Strengths are 6x more likely to be engaged and 3x more likely to thrive within a career. Come learn how to apply your Top 5 Strengths to your career and on-campus during this interactive workshop. Self-awareness is at the heart of a strong professional brand and CliftonStrengths is a great way to develop this skill, while also gaining a deeper awareness of others.  Join us as we explore!

You should come if you:

  • want to learn more about your Signature Report with your Top 5 Talents
  • want to learn how to partner with others that have different talents
  • want to build up your strengths and develop a plan to do that

What you’ll do...

  • develop a plan to develop an area that would be helpful in getting a job/internship
  • practice how to talk to others about your talents 

What you need to do before coming...

  • Complete your Clifton Strengths Assessment
  •  Bring your top 5 talents (Signature Report) and highlight key characteristics that resonate with you!

Assessing How Committed an Organization is to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

How do you assess whether organizations are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion? Join us to learn how to assess various aspects of an organization’s culture during the job and internship search process through a diversity, equity, and inclusion framing. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the challenges of navigating this process and practice actionable strategies to evaluate an organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

You should request this workshop if you:

  • want to reflect on the importance of organizational culture with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • want to develop tools for assessing organizational culture with respect to DEI, primarily in the context of the job/internship search

What you’ll do...

  • Practice asking questions and other strategies that will help you assess organizational culture
  • Identify the challenges of assessing organizational culture


How do I request a workshop?

Before requesting a workshop, look at our workshop schedule to see if your needs can be met by our upcoming events. No need to request resume or job/internship search topics because we already offer them weekly. If you would like to request a topic from our "by request" list, please fill out this form: We have a limited capacity for the number of workshops we can complete each semester, so priority will be given to groups that partner with other organizations. A staff member will follow up with you in 2-3 days.

If I request a workshop what am I responsible for? 

  • Discuss workshop content with your facilitator in advance
  • Market the event and get RSVPs from group
  • Start the workshop on time
  • Ensuring your students are at the workshop! (i.e., advertise, advertise, advertise – and remind, too!)
  • Providing feedback on the workshop to help us continually improve.

Can I have the workshop at any time or any day of the week? How about weekends?

Yes, we can schedule workshops mornings, afternoons or evenings. Evening workshops must end no later than 7:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday.  We do not facilitate weekend workshops unless there are special circumstances.  Due to staff availability we cannot always guarantee your requested date or time. 

Can we request a specific Workshop Facilitator?

Yes. However, you will need to be flexible in terms of scheduling to accommodate the facilitator’s availability.

How many people do we need to schedule a workshop?

We are excited to deliver workshops to both large (50 +) and small (10-15) group sizes. However, we generally ask for a minimum of 10 participants as the opportunity to learn from colleagues diminishes with smaller groups. Collecting RSVPs from your group in advance will help ensure a higher turnout.

Can we have the University Career Center facilitate more than one workshop?

Sure. We are happy to come back for repeat workshops or to deliver a different workshop. However, if the demand for our workshops is greater than our ability to deliver them in a timely manner, preference will be given to first-time requesters as well as based on the number of participants.

How much does a workshop cost to attend or request?

They are free for current UM students! (With the exception for the CliftonStrengths program, see fee noted above)