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"Employer Challenges are a great way to get visibility in front of a company in a low-stakes, but fun and engaging environment." -Student participant, Amazon Employer Challenge

The UCC Employer Challenge allows students to build deep connections with organizations through short-term, mini-projects that might be virtual, hands-on, case study and more. Each semester, we will be engaging with different organizations to bring a virtual project to our Ann Arbor campus that students can work on throughout one week to better understand different job functions/industries. The goal of the Employer Challenge is to not only help students better understand different areas of work, but to also receive critical feedback on the content, creativity, and overall presentation of their final project from the employer sponsor. Students that engage in the Employer Challenge will also connect with employers in a way that allows them to deeply understand the organization and learn about various roles that they can recruit for in the future.

There will be 20-40 students that participate in each Employer Challenge depending on the scope of the case study/project. Students can apply on behalf of a team (2-4 people on a team) and will work together in person/off-line throughout the week. All participants must be U-M Ann Arbor undergraduate students.

Upcoming Employer Challenges

  • Ketchum -- 10/24-11/1 -- Handshake Applications open 10/7/19
  • BP -- 11/7--11/13 -- Handshake Applications open 10/21/19
  • Bloomingdale's (December 2019) -- stay tuned for more details!

Applications remain open for 2 weeks, students may sign up in groups of 2-4 people 

Past Employer Challenges

  • Amazon (October, 2018)
  • BLASTmedia (October, 2018)
  • CIA (November, 2018)
  • Ally Financial (January, 2019)
  • Bain & Company (March, 2019)

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