Exclusive Branding Opportunities

Exclusive Branding Opportunities allow our employer partners greater opportunity to build their brand awareness among all University of Michigan Students. Are you...

  • Looking to connect with students across all majors and levels of study?
  • Trying to create a high level of visibility and brand recognition for your organization?
  • Interested in working with students from diverse backgrounds and experiences?
  • Trying to get your message to students in a simple and effective way?

Our branding packages offer you the chance to sponsor some of the most popular resources among both undergraduate and graduate students. These sponsorships are available on an annual basis, with an easy renewal option each academic year.

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Premium Sponsor for our Clothes Closet | Exclusive to one employer per year | $5,000/annual

Premium Sponsor for our Professional Headshot Photo Booth | Exclusive to one employer per year | $2000/annual

Participant for our annual Skilled & Savvy Conference, Addressing Diversity and Identity in the Workplace | Available to select employers annually | $750 one-time cost

Premium Sponsor for our Interview Ready Room 

The UCC has select private interview room suites available for students and employers. Students with reservations or employer-hosted interviews also have access to our Interview Ready Room (refreshments, interviewing tips, last minute needs, printer, etc.) thanks to our generous employer sponsors.  Available to select employers annually | $1,000/annual

Industry-Specific Branding Opportunities

Sponsor one of our Career Tracks - Our student guide to exploring and launching a career in a specific field. | $600/year or $300/semester

Purchase a Resume Book - We can organize resume books for students within each Career Track so you have access to students that have a high level of interest in your industry and organization. $250 one-time cost. Please note, we cannot do major or college specific resume books. 

Sponsor an Industry Immersion - An experiential learning opportunity where we bring students to your organization to network and learn more about your culture and opportunities. Pricing dependent on cost.

Sponsor an Employer Challenge - A short-term, case study based experience where students will tackle a project or problem within your organization and present solutions to you for feedback.

If you are interested in engaging in any of these sponsorship opportunities, let's connect! You can reach out to your respective recruitment coordinator here. We'd love to share details and data on how this could positively impact your recruiting efforts with Michigan students.