University Career Alumni Network (UCAN)

What Is UCAN?

The University Career Alumni Network (UCAN) is a platform that enables you to connect with U-M alumni and other professionals for career related conversations/informational interviews. Through this tool you’ll gain valuable insights about career preparation and job/internship search tips, as well as have your individual questions answered about positions, industries, professional schools and geographic locations so you better understand the world of work and your areas of interest.

Connect Now

How Does UCAN Work?

It’s super easy! You can start connecting with alums and other professionals TODAY!  

You sign in with your UMich ID and create your profile (it’s quick!), and then you can begin searching for alums who match your interests. The system will prompt you on the steps to contact them directly to arrange a time to talk.

Benefits of Using UCAN  

  • There’s no better way to get advice from U-M alumni about career-related questions. These alumni volunteers and other professionals have signed up to help current U-M students. They’re waiting to hear from you!
  • Informational interviewing is a critical step in exploring your career options and throughout your internship/job search process. It helps you figure out where you fit  professionally, learn about organizations & industries, job roles and functions, gap year experiences, and considerations for continuing your education (graduate school, medical school, law school etc.). It also helps you develop your communication skills -- which is a skill that is important for the workplace of today.
  • Other students have found UCAN incredibly helpful:
    • UCAN was amazing! The alumni I connected with were nice, friendly, and helpful, and gave me a lot of very helpful and practical suggestions.”
    • “Alumni listed in UCAN are very willing to help and UCAN is a really powerful tool.”
    • "UCAN is an extremely straightforward system that may very well be the most impressive asset managed by the University of Michigan.”