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You can’t do it alone! The job/internship search is hard work and developing your professional community is key to a complete search. Your professional community expands your knowledge of career fields, the job/ internship process, and helps you tap into the hidden job market. Everyone belongs to communities: some informal like family, friends, UM groups; others more formal like internships and summer job employers.

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Employer Challenges

"Employer Challenges are a great way to get visibility in front of a company in a low-stakes, but fun and engaging environment." -Student participant, Amazon Employer Challenge

Best Practices for Letter Writers

Reference letters are a key component of the application materials needed by U-M students and alumni seeking admission to continuing education opportunities and future employment. To achieve their goals, students rely on the support of faculty and staff who can speak to the strength of their candidacy for future opportunities via quality reference letters. Being in the position to evaluate students’ strengths and areas for growth enables faculty and staff to be key contributors in facilitating students’ success.

Reference Letters FAQ for Students

If you are seeking reference letters as part of your application for scholarships, enrichment programs, graduate/professional schools and internships or jobs, the information below provides helpful guidance. As always, the University Career Center staff is available to help with any questions related to securing strong reference letters.

When should I start requesting reference letters?

Reference Letters

Reference letters play a key role in the application for graduate and professional school, employment, scholarships, enrichment programs, etc.  The following resources are designed to support letter writers as well as students so that better information and preparation may lead to stronger outcomes.


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