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You can’t do it alone! The job/internship search is hard work and developing your professional community is key to a complete search. Your professional community expands your knowledge of career fields, the job/ internship process, and helps you tap into the hidden job market. Everyone belongs to communities: some informal like family, friends, UM groups; others more formal like internships and summer job employers.

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[Internship/Job Info For #UMichStudents] 2019 Law Day • Preparing For The Job & Internship Fair

2019 Law Day

If you're thinking about law school then you probably already know which programs you're interested in.

However even if that is the case, Law Day is still nice in terms of meeting with reps from those programs you're interested in.

You can get tips from them on things like your personal statement, reference letters, financial aid, and application.

Meeting them can also help them remember who you are when they're reviewing admission applications.

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[Internship/Job Info For #UMichStudents] 2019 Meet the Interns • Detroit Fall Break Immersions

3rd Annual 'Meet the Interns' Event Happening This Week (Includes Free Food)

When it comes to internships and jobs, your fellow U-M students are great resources.

But it's not always easy to find other students who have worked at places you might want to work at — and who are available to share their advice and experience with you.

That’s why we host ‘Meet the Interns’ each year. This year's event is co-sponsored by Citi, DTE Energy, Goldman Sachs, ZS Associates, and BP.

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[Internship/Job Info For #UMichStudents] Consulting & Finance Fair • Labs • Pre-Health Student Orientation

2019 Consulting & Finance Career Fair

Consulting and finance are two popular career choices that U-M students often pursue (last year's Consulting & Finance Fair had over 800 students stop by).

But what's different about these two areas is that they start recruiting earlier in the school year compared to other fields and industries.

So if you’re interested in either we hope you stop by this year's fair on Friday, September 6th, 2019.

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Text Version of Common Cultural Barriers to the Job Search Handout

Common Cultural Barriers to the Job Search
Obviously, American cultural attitudes and behaviors related to job hunting and work may be more or less alien to those of your own culture. If you have not thoroughly absorbed American work-related cultural values and expectations, you may want to read this section, which addresses some possible cultural barriers to an effective job search. 

Topics covered: