Kirsten Elling, Ph.D.

Coordinator for Graduate Student Career Advancement
University Career Center

Greetings!  I support the career development of U-M's Ph.D. students through 1:1 career counseling, program development and delivery, and service as liaison to Rackham Graduate School.  Additionally, I consult and collaborate with U-M faculty in support of graduate student career development.  I’ve been engaged in gender and diversity issues throughout my career, and enjoy working with graduate students at all stages of their career and educational journeys.  As a psychologist, I bring a holistic approach to the important work of helping students navigate their career development within the context of work/life balance and other important factors.  I look forward to working with you as you explore all of your career options, leverage your networks, and navigate internship and job searching.

I’m a proud U-M alumna (undergrad), and received my Ph.D. from Loyola University, Chicago.  I understand what a marathon it is to earn a Ph.D. and recommend you carve out time for other interests despite the challenging workload…for me, making art helped with managing that stress and continues to enrich my busy life.