University Career Center

Infographic with timeline of RLS closure

Nationally, institutions have discontinued their reference letter services due to changing technologies and niche application services. UM is one of the last large institutions to host its Reference Letter Service.


2012 – 2017

  • The University Career Center (UCC) devises a 5-year plan to phase out RLS (vetted by key stakeholders on the Ann Arbor campus)
  • File holders are informed of the June 30, 2018 closure


FALL 2017

  • File renewal is no longer possible after November 1
  • Interfolio* is selected as the recommended reference letter service for the UM community
  • Monthly reminders are sent to file holders regarding the June 2018 closure and informing them of Interfolio
  • File holders may request to have their RLS letters sent to Interfolio
  • UCC informs UM faculty and staff letter writers (last 3 years) of the RLS closure and the Interfolio option
  • Deadline for letter writers to submit letters to RLS is June 30, 2018


JANUARY 1 – JUNE 30, 2018

  • No new RLS files are opened effective January 1
  • RLS continues to support active file holders currently applying to graduate, professional school, and employment
  • Students requesting to open RLS files are directed to Interfolio
  • Staff working directly with students needing reference letters are informed of timelines, processes and options  
  • Ads appear in alumni publications reminding readers of the June 2018 RLS closure and introducing Interfolio
  • Monthly reminders are sent to file holders with follow up instructions
  • The RLS officially closes on June 30


*Interfolio - Service to manage digital records of credentials including reference letters, writing samples, resumes/CVs and more