Should I Include My "Clinical" Experiences Abroad in My Application(s)?

Step 1 - Start by making a list of all your patient care experiences in the U.S. and abroad

Step 2 - Compare experiences to AAMC and/or ADEA Guidelines.  Any concerns? Yes or No?

  • If Yes, Proceed to Step 3. If No, Stop here. You can include in your application(s).

Step 3 - Evaluate number of concerns and how severe they are

  • Think about strength of your application with and without these particular experiences
  • Determine your comfort level in discussing activities in which you participated beyond your training or licensure.
  • Are there other ways admission committees could learn about this trip or experiences anyways? (i.e., from letter writers, other students, or affiliation with organizations?)

Step 4 - If you decide to include in your application(s)

  • Make sure you…
    • Are always honest
    • Highlight positive experiences
    • Understand that the door is now open to any and all questions, especially during your future interviews
    • Realize you may end up acknowledging participation in activities beyond your training or licensure
  • Be prepared to explain what you have learned about…
    • Potential harm to patients
    • Potential harm to yourself
    • Ethical implications of your actions
    • Whether you have encouraged others to avoid these situations if applicable

And, of course, you are welcome to schedule an appointment in the UM University Career Center and/or with the pre-medical advisor in your school/college/program to discuss these matters.