University Career Center

Students can apply for funding for internships from U-M Schools/Colleges and through private programs.  Also, you can meet with the U-M Librarian who specializes in Scholarships to explore possibilities.


As part of the the 50th Anniversary of PSIP, the PSIP Endowed Scholarship was created by program alumni.  PSIP Alumni and Donors have provided gifts to help students afford living in DC while gaining experience in public service. We are thankful to our alumni and donors for helping PSIP students break into their career fields!

Through the University Career Center, students in PSIP who have financial need and land unpaid internships can apply for PSIP Scholarship funding.  Scholarship funding is contingent on registering for a 1 credit hour class during Summer term. Students will accept their internship and then start the scholarship process by registering for class and working one-on-one with PSIP staff to determine Scholarship eligibility. 

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