Med App Canvas Site Student Testimonials

Med App Canvas Site Testimonials

  • This is the single most useful resource for pre-med students on this campus.  Very beneficial to have all of the information in one central, accurate location.
  • I have found the Med App to be invaluable in the process of applying to medical schools. Thanks to it, the process was much less stressful than it could have been. So many of my little questions have been answered by reading the posts, and it has made me feel so much more confident about the application process.
  • Thank you for all the help during this long and sometimes confusing process! There was nearly always a whole post dedicated to something I was wondering about, and I felt much more comfortable/knowledgeable about the process and what was expected of me/what I should expect as a result of this resource. Furthermore, as someone who has already graduated, being able to access this information made me feel like I still had UM's support for my future endeavors.
  • Great resource for students! Information is clear and concise.  I especially appreciate this service as someone applying 2-3 years after graduation. It would be even more difficult to navigate the application process without this site, on top of not being on a college campus any longer.
  • I really like the Med App format because then all the info I need is emailed to me and I don’t have to go hunt it down on some website.  This was a really great source of advice for what to do at different points during the application cycle.
  • The MedApp is awesome! The messages are always really helpful and thorough. It’s almost strange how timely the emails are; the moment I start a new part of the application process (personal statement, work/activities, secondaries, etc) it seems like I receive an email explaining the exact process I’m going through step-by-step.
  • All of the information given about secondary applications and interview preparation were EXTREMELY helpful. The list of practice interview questions sent out was great!
  • I really appreciate the work you put into the site! It is incredibly helpful and useful and actually how I got my job this summer--I am going to be an ER scribe!
  • I've benefited greatly this year and for the past few years from the MedApp site; the resources are like gold! Having a wealth of information can be the difference between a successful application cycle and a not so successful one. For me, I'm fortunate that this cycle has ended in success. Even if it didn't I would still consider this Med App site to be the best. Thank you!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed using the Med App to educate myself about SMPs, especially since they're my only viable option now to get into med school. Learning about them helped me talk to my advisor and plan my post-graduation life in a timely manner & now I am confident about my future going forward.
  • This is my second cycle as a Med App "lurker" and I am finally ready to apply during the upcoming cycle. The Med App resources and Career Center events have been so extremely valuable to me as a first gen college student and non-traditional applicant. I would be completely lost without you! Thank you, Mariella, for your care and attention to the Med App site!
  • This was amazing and I am continuing my subscription for the upcoming year!!

Gearing Up to Apply (GUTA) Canvas Site Testimonials

  •  GUTA kept me on my toes.
  •  I love how everything is compiled into one announcement per week and considered all aspects of a topic that students might be confused about.
  • With all of the things we have to do to prepare before applying to medical school, it was nice to have a weekly to-do list of what we should be working on even months away from our application due date. Thank you so much!
  • I thought this site was great. Although I didn't end up applying this cycle, it was so nice to have weekly tasks laid out to get an idea of what I would need to do to prepare and it felt far enough in advance that nothing in my application would have been rushed.