Dual-career couples

Job searching is both an exciting and stressful process further complicated when you and your partner are both in academe. Dual career couple issues are common in academia and in fact most institutions have a variety of support services to aid dual career couples. When engaging a dual job search it may be important to utilize personal counseling or employee assistance services to answer critical questions around what's mutually important in the search, how potential conflicts may need to be resolved, what to do in instances where one person receives an offer before the other, and the transition from graduate students to junior faculty or postdocs. 

The Career Center also offers support to dual career couples around when to disclose in the search, how to concurrently conduct two job searches, and areas in and outside of academe where one or both partners can look. 

Resources for Dual Career Couples 

In some institutions dual career couple services are housed in the Provost's Office. The University of Michigan's Provost Office Dual Career Program is one example. 

The University of Michigan's ADVANCE program offers a comprehensive handout answering typical questions about dual career issues.