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Almost a third of the law schools require a Dean's letter, which is sometimes referred to as a Dean's recommendation or certification (form).  Such document is a verification that an applicant is or was a student in good standing at the institution that s/he is attending or graduated from.

Carefully review applications for the schools to which you wish to apply to assess your need for such a document since not all schools will require it.  At UM, your school or college advising office usually handles Dean's letters.  For example, LSA students (non honors, non R.C.) work with the LSA Academic Advising Center.  In this case, a standard form is used.   Allow for up to 2-3 weeks for processing during peak application times.  Call 734/764-0332 with questions.

Follow schools' directions for returning the Dean's letter or completed form.  Remember that if you have the Dean's Letter sent back to you to include with your other application materials, the envelope must remain unopened.