University Career Center Appointment Policies

No-Show policy for appointments with University Career Center staff

We appreciate how busy you can be and understand that, at times, you need to make last minutes adjustments to your schedule, which might include the need to miss an appointment at the University Career Center. If you find yourself in that position, please be sure to cancel your appointment so that another student can take advantage of the last minute opening. Appointments here are in high demand so we appreciate your cooperation with this matter. Checkout the full appointment policy below.

First and Second No-Show

  • If you no-show for a scheduled appointment with a Career Coach, you may receive an e-mail checking in on your absence to ensure that all is well and to make sure you understand the importance of keeping or cancelling your appointments.

Third No-Show in same academic semester

  • If you no-show for a scheduled appointment with a Career Coach a third time, you will be asked to schedule a meeting with a staff member at the University Career Center to discuss your no-shows before you are able to make another appointment. 


  • No-shows will be reset/cleared at the start of each academic semester and will not carry over from year to year.

  • A no-show is considered any appointment in which a student fails to attend without calling to cancel (up to the start of the appointment time). An appointment is considered a no-show if a student is not present when half of the appointment time has lapsed.

  • There is a separate policy for no-show appointments with guest employers, organization representatives and non-University Career Center staff that have been scheduled via the University Career Center.