Application timeline

Now through August of your application cycle

  • Decide when to apply (this year vs. in the future)
  • Look into fee waivers if applicable
  • Register for/take the LSAT as applicable
  • Register with the Law School Admission Council's Credential Assembly Service (CAS)
  • Approach your writers to discuss and obtain your letters of reference
  • Investigate schools and decide where to apply
  • Consult with a pre-law advisor in LSA and/or in your school or college
  • Start working on your main application essay and schedule a review
  • Mark your calendar now for the next UM Law Day or plan to attend the closest Law School Forum

September through December of your application cycle

  • Register for/take the LSAT if applicable
  • Send your official transcripts to CAS
  • Gather and send reference letters
  • Fine-tune your list of schools based on your GPA, LSAT scores and other factors important to you
  • Write multiple, tailored application essays
  • Have your essays reviewed by multiple parties for feedback
  • Complete and submit law school applications
  • Monitor your applications after submission for completeness
  • File your FAFSA

January and beyond of your application cycle

  • Await results
  • If waitlisted, consider sending an application update
  • Manage admission offers
  • Pay deposit and send final transcript

You may also find helpful to peruse the LSAC application checklist.