Academic job search exploration

Given the competitive and tight nature of the current academic job market you may consider exploring many types of academic positions. In general it is important to examine what kind of academic positions you are interested in. Do you, for example, want your focus to be mostly research  or mostly teaching? Do you want to work in a small liberal arts college, a large research institution or a community college? What kind of postdoc opportunities exist in your field and how expected is it that you have one?

Obtaining feedback from advisors and mentors, junior faculty and recent grads from your department may provide good insight into your prospects,  the norms of your discipline, and what constitutes market readiness. While you are determining where you want to direct your search check out these resources: 

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Often known for its job posting system the Chronicle is also an excellent resource for career exploration. Follow its On Hiring blog, amongst others and peruse its articles and features on the academic job market. 

GradHacker: A collective blog for graduate students written by graduate students. Topics range from research productivity, teaching, life as a graduate student, and career choices for PhDs.