University Career Center

Below is a sample timeline to help you plan your application process. While deadlines for programs and financial aid packages vary, in general you want to start the process one and a half to two years prior to enrollment.

Junior Year, Fall and Winter Semester

  • Research schools and programs of interest, using on-line and library resources; pay special attention to early deadlines
  • Talk with faculty and other mentors about your goals and interests
  • Meet with a University Career Center counselor or advisor to discuss your plans
  • Open a reference letter file at the University Career Center
  • Identify recommenders and request letters of reference
  • Register and prepare for appropriate graduate admissions tests
  • Attend graduate and professional school events on campus sponsored by the University Career Center to speak directly with recruiters
  • Research financial aid options, including deadlines

Junior Year, Summer Semester

  • Take required admissions tests
  • Request application materials, school catalogues and financial aid information from selected schools
  • Continue making contact with potential reference letter writers
  • Visit institutions of interest, if possible
  • Begin drafting application essays Senior Year, Fall
  • Take required admissions tests (if not already taken)
  • Monitor progress of reference letter writers; ensure that your Reference Letter File is complete
  • Begin drafting application, including further drafts of application essays
  • Continue to apply for financial aid
  • Attend graduate and professional school events on campus to help finalize your applications
  • Request transcripts and letters of reference to be mailed
  • Complete and mail applications
  • Check to ensure that institutions have received all application materials, including transcripts and letters
  • Make plans to visit select institutions

Senior Year, Winter Semester

  • Visit prospective campuses if possible; interview if necessary
  • Be prepared to consider multiple acceptances, and to evaluate your options based on personal and professional goals
  • Once committed to program of your choice, notify other schools of your decision
  • Send thank you notes to reference letter writers and others who helped you in your search, notifying them of your decision.