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The #1 Thing Employers Look For When Hiring College Students

Students often ask what employers look for when interviewing and hiring college grads.  You may (or may not) be surprised to see that experience matters!

In a recent article published by The Atlantic, author Derek Thompson does an excellent job explaining that employers often value your “experience” more so than they value your GPA, major, and/or relevant coursework.

10 Job Interview Questions You Should Ask

While prepping for interviews, sometimes we forget that we, too, need to ask questions. Not only do you want to find out more about the position and employer, but you want to showcase your interest and the research you have done. Asking questions that can be found in the job description or on the website is not recommended. Find an article written about the company or grab a quote from the website and ask them how it relates to that particular position. Get clarification on the role, what kind of training you will be getting, and what will be expected of you 6 months into the job. While you may just be hoping to get hired, you need to show that the reason you are interested is not just because you need a job, but because you have a strong interest in working there. Additionally, if you ask the right questions, it will help you determine if the company is the right fit for you. Check out these 10 questions you should ask.

Easier to use ABA Standard 509 Law School Reports

In the past, prospective law school applicants had to research schools by collating various pieces of information from miscellaneous sources, which unfortunately were not always accurate nor reliable.

With the inception of the ABA Standard 509 Information Reports a couple of years ago, basic information about a law school's make up, selectivity, cost, and especially official employment record and bar passage rates became more readily available.  However, these reports, which were available in pdf format, were cumbersome to use and made drawing any kind of comparisons a tedious and time consuming task.

2013-2014 Law School Application Highlights

Of the 425 University of Michigan seniors and alumni/ae who applied to law school in the 2013-2014 cycle, 392 were accepted and 338 matriculated (92.2% acceptance rate vs. 78% nationally).  Alumni/ae continued to outnumber the graduating seniors applying to law school (65% vs. 35%).  At least 40 UM graduates matriculated in the the first year class at University of Michigan Law School.

How To Find Job/Internship Leads Via Twitter

According to a recent NACE report, you can:

"Find general job advice and lots of listings through hashtags like #jobs, #recruiting, #jobadvice, #jobposting, #jobhunt, and #jobsearch. To narrow it down, though, seek out more specific hashtags, such as or #prjobs or #salesjobs. Students can even search for hashtags just by college major, such as #biology or #accounting, and job listings as well as conversations relevant to the topic may appear."