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Alumni Eligibility and Services

The University Career Center invites new graduates and alumni to tap our resources as one of many venues for career assistance. We offer assistance for career changers, as well as those pursuing advanced appointments within their chosen fields. Please feel free to browse additional web resources in the For Students section of this website. See our Calendar of Events and "In the News" sections for upcoming programs.
Below is a list of definitions to help determine how we charge for some of the fee-based services within our office.

New Grad - If your graduation date was less than 18 months ago, The University Career Center considers you a New Grad. Most services are available to new grads at the same charges as current students.

Alumni - Individuals who graduated from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor more than 18 months ago. Alumni have access to the same services available to current students at the U of M - for some services there may be a charge, as outlined below in the Fee-based services section.

Community Member - Inidivudals with no affiliation to U of M as a student. Graduates of other U of M campuses are considered community members, as are UM Ann Arbor faculty and staff who did not complete a degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus.

Fee-based services include:

  • Career Counseling and Assessment Services — One-on-one appointments in our office or by telephone to assess your individual career needs. Career counseling appointments are focused on career coaching and decision making and are not industry specific (please see the "Web resources for Alumni" links below for industry specific career coaching). Career Counseling may include individual assessment for an additional cost. Call (734)764-7460 to make an appointment. See Counseling and Assessment Services Payment Form for current hourly appointment rates and payment instructions.  ****Please note, to hold an appointment, payment must be received at least 3 business days before the scheduled appointment.  Failure to submit payment by that deadline will result in the automatic cancelling of the scheduled appointment.  Refunds for paid appointments will be given up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.  Within 24 hours of an appointment, no refunds will be made in case of client cancellation.
  • Reference Letter Service — house reference letters and recommendations at the U of M. See Reference Letter Service for details.


Web resources for alumni

  • UM Alumni Career Services provides you with personally tailored career development services designed to help you approach your career choices with confidence. Some offerings are exclusive benefits of Alumni Association membership.
  • The Center for the Education of Women (CEW) provides counseling, research, programs and advocacy to the University community and the public, with a focus on higher education, careers and leadership.

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