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UM students have taken a variety of paths to pursue their interest in nonprofit and social service work.  It's a broad career catagory and common paths for UM students have included education, health advocacy, environmental protection, community development and more.

With so many options, now is a good time to explore your interests in greater depth.  Consider these questions:

• what does nonprofit mean to you:  is the type of work, the people you work with, a particular issue/policy?
• what type of nonprofit/social service work do you want to engage in:  advocacy, education, policy, fund raising, community development?
• why are you interested in nonprofit/social service work?

Think about what appeals to you and start to build your community.

Idealist Career Center

Many students interested in non-profit work are familiar with Idealist.  It’s a great, though somewhat overwhelming resource for identifying non-profit job, internship and volunteer opportunities. 

The hidden gem on this site is the Idealist Career Center!  It provides a wealth of information to help you:
• understand the career field,
• develop strategies for gaining experience,
• explore skills needed for the job search and more. 

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Sustainable Food Careers Symposium

Interested in issues of sustainable food?  Do you want to turn that passion into a career?  Tap into your UM community and register for the Sustainable Food Careers Symposium sponsored by the Consortium on Agriculture, Food and the Environment (CAFE).  The symposium is free and scheduled for this Friday (February 15) from 9am-4pm in the Dana Bldg.

photo credit:  CAFE



sustainable food careers