University Career Center

UM students have taken a variety of paths to pursue their interest in finance /banking.  There are a wide range of career options that make up the field of finance / banking and common paths for UM students have included commercial or investment banking, sales and trading, corporate finance, risk management and more.

With so many options, now is a good time to explore your interests in greater depth.  Consider these questions:

• how have you developed your quantitative skills?
• what areas of finance / banking interest you and why?
• how are you gaining experience outside of the classroom?

Think about what appeals to you and start to build your community.

Getting Started

The field of finance/banking is highly competitive and employers expect you to demonstrate an on-going interest in the field long before you start any interview process!  Here are some strategies for getting started: 

Get informed!
Keep up-to-date with the latest trends, industry events and current issues by reading the Wall Street Journal and watching financial news channels daily.

Vault Online Library

Wondering about career paths in finance?  Ready to start your job/internship search in finance?  Check out the Vault Online Library. Vault provides career guides, industry profiles, job search resources and more.  A must read for anyone exploring finance.