University Career Center


University of Michigan students have taken a variety of paths to pursue their interest in the environmental sector.  Whether going onto graduate school or working in one of the many occupations related to the environment --from researcher to educator, from planner to engineer, from biologist or chemist to project developer, consultant, or administrator, one thing that is true for all is that there is a common passion and goal to promote a cleaner, and healthier environment. 

With so many options, now is a good time to explore your interests in greater depth.  Consider these questions:

• What environmental areas interest you (air quality, energy, sustainability, research, education advocacy)
• Why are you interested in environmental careers?

  Think about what appeals to you and start to build your career communityl


Your UM Community

Department websites can be an excellent resource for exploring careers.  For example, The Program in the Environment website includes:

Alum Blogs:  an excellent way to explore the wide range of career options in the environment and learn more about "the day in the life"