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What do you want to do after college?

I know, that is a deep and profound question to consider; one that will require work, thought and experience. What if you took just a little bit of time today to begin the exploration process?  Consider spending some time with Career Cruising on-line.

Many of you may have tried this in High School, or seen a similar career exploration tool – that is ok!  Now that you are in a different space, intellectually and experientially, chances are you may find this to be more interesting and reflective of your current goals.  Career Cruising can help you assess your interests, values and skills and recommend career options, graduate programs or career paths that may be a fit for you. 

Simply go to and login with Username: UMICH  Password: 48109 . You can then create your own user login and save your searches.

Take a few minutes to try the “Career Matchmaker” assessment, or explore some of the careers you are already considering.  Then, schedule an appointment to review your results talk about next steps – Internships? Job shadowing? Immersions? Major Choices?  We are happy to help, and look forward to seeing what you discover!

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