University Career Center

Internship lab is a drop-in style space focused on internship searching where you can actually get stuff done -- not just listen to a presentation. Come with questions and spend time testing and trying strategies and resources out.

Have you been thinking about what you're going to do this summer? Do you have some ideas about your dream internship experience? Not sure the best way to connect with Alumni?

Do you have no idea what you're doing? That's OK. It's pretty normal. 

Stop on by. It's a space for you to search for, learn about, and work towards applying for a great summer experience! Be guided by experts from the University Career Center to explore Handshake, the University Career Alumni Network and to learn about other tools you can use to build a great job/internship search strategy.

Below are dates and times Internship Labs are available, simply select a date to RSVP:

*If you're a Graduate Student wanting to attend we would like you to make a 1:1 appointment instead of attending the Lab so we can cater to your needs more specifically. Call 734.7647460 or click here: