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Get ready for the holidays and all those questions!

To help you prepare, we've gone ahead and taken care of most of the leg work. You just need to get up to speed on a few of the "fail-proof" responses we've created for you.

Select an option below and fill out a response so that you can show you've done some work and that you have a plan of action for after the break.

What’s Your Major?

Plans For After Graduation?

Going to Grad School?

Have a Summer Internship?

Next Steps:

  • Check out Handshake for jobs & internships
  • Learn more about Immersions to see if an organization / field / industry is right for you
  • Learn more about Career Crawls to learn from alumni and recruiters in an informal setting
  • Check out the 'Career Guides By Major' to see what potential careers are out there for you
  • Review the checklist to see if grad school is for you
  • Schedule an appointment to get one-on-one coaching