University Career Center

Your Four-Year Career Plan

There are certain steps that you, as college students, should take to help you explore various career options.  Just like a final exam, your job/internship search or program selection is not something you should ‘cram’ for at the last minute.

It takes time, reflection, and different experiences that will help you define what you’d like to do.  Remember, deciding on a career is a process. And it's something that will not happen two weeks before graduation.

Teaching Service Programs

There are a variety of non-profit organizations that offer fellowships/programs focused on educational access and opportunity. Corps members work underserved students in a variety of educational settings.  These programs are designed for those interested short-term opportunities in education


Financial Aid

Investigating the financial options available to you may prove to be an effective cost-saving measure and, in some cases, may help narrow the list of schools to which you apply. Financial assistance ranges from loans to fellowships to scholarships. You will find that some assistance is allocated on the basis of need while other funding is awarded for merit, special achievements, or service to the institution. Knowing what is available from governmental or private sources will enable you to capitalize on every opportunity to receive financial support.

The essay

As part of your application, most graduate schools give you an opportunity to elaborate on your background in a personal essay. The content of your essay will be defined by the guidelines outlined on the application. Some programs will provide little structure, allowing you to choose the aspects of your background you wish to highlight. For others you may be asked to respond to specific questions. The essay is your chance to elaborate on your understanding of the discipline, your academic endeavors, and ideas for future career directions.