Career Center

Identify people to build your professional community

Consider who you may already know:

  • List names of current and former colleagues, acquaintances from professional/campus organizations, and the business associates of family and friends.
  • Don’t forgot your personal network—neighbors, relatives, organizations, religious or community groups, clubs, or volunteer groups. Look to all generations for building a professional community.
  • Fill in the gaps by reconnecting with old acquaintances, getting involved in the committees of your favorite organization, or volunteering.

Preparing your presentation

Getting Started: Prepare Your Presentation

  • Develop a quick way (we’re talking 30 seconds here) to introduce yourself to someone. This is often called an Elevator Speech, or a 30-second commercial of who you are and what you'd like to do professionally. Take from your story what you think is relevant to the person you are speaking to.

  • Have business cards made to share with a contact. Did you know students can order FREE business cards from the Alumni Association?

Securing Academic Credit for an Internship

Students seeking academic credit as a compliment to their internship should give themselves adequate time to explore all available options and to complete any necessary steps prior to beginning their internship.  Credit is awarded at Michigan through academic departments, not the University Career Center. Students can obtain credit through one of several possible paths:

Teaching Fellowships/Certification Programs

These fellowships offer accelerated certification programs that combine a full-time teaching position with enrollment in a certification program with a partner university/college. These programs are designed for those interested in a career in education.