University Career Center

Part of the 2014 Summer Survey infographic (includes a photo of Kerin Borland, Director of The Career Center)

Welcome back to campus and the start of a new semester. As you gear up for new classes, I hope you continue to think about “what’s next" for you.

Will you join that student organization you have been curious about? Take an interesting elective on something you have always wanted to learn? Find out about internship opportunities for next summer?

I hope so. The Career Center wants you to continue to have experiences that develop your STORY. To encourage you to get started, here is some information from students who interned last summer. Take a look, and then check in with our staff, at whatever point you are at.

Check out the link below:

UM Students' Summer Internships: Where Were They & How Did They Find Them?

And keep in mind:

-if you start now, you can mirror the 42% who, last year, started to look 3 -6 months before their internship start dates

-The Career Center Connector is a great resource to investigate targeted opportunities

- 70% of the students learned that the industry in which they interned is one they will pursue further (AND, 50% of full time opportunities for next year will be offered to those interns who are approaching graduation!); 40% will look elsewhere – they just didn’t like it, and they know! – those students are now more clear about the next position they are seeking.

There are many ways to learn about the opportunities available – in addition to Winter Expo consider an Immersion experience, connecting with professionals through LinkedIn, and talking to our staff about other options that may be right for you!

Start now for success later!