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Don't worry, you're not the first (and you won't be the last) to ask career-related questions. As a way to introduce ourselves as well as get a few of your questions answered we've compiled the following list of questions that we often get asked by First-Year students: 

1.  Does the major I choose require me to work in that field/industry?

Absolutely not!  Your major is only part of your presentation to employers.  Internships, work experience and campus involvement will be important in helping you set a foundation for the field/industry you decide to pursue.

2.  Do employers consider first-year students for internships?

Absolutely!  Employers look for students from all academic levels.  We have tons of resources to help you find an internship or even a great summer job to build skills for a future internship.

3.  How do I write a good resume?

Visit Resume Builder for step-by-step help.  Then, bring it in! Make an appointment to meet with a Career Advisor or Peer Advisor, for tips, ideas, and resume formatting options! 

4.  How do I get started if I want to do research on campus?

Start by asking your professors or departments of interest.  Also, check out UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) at

5.  When should I start looking for an internship?

It’s never too late, but the earlier the better! Ideally, start looking in November/December for the following Summer.

6.  Do I have to be in the Business School to go into business?

Not at all!  Employers hire students from ALL majors. In fact, employers often recruit for the same positions from LSA and the Business School.

7.  Are there Job Fairs at U of M?

Yes, there are!  We host fairs each year including Fall Career Expo, Winter Career Expo, International Opportunities Fair, Law Day, Health & Medical School Expo, Education Job Fair, and Engineering Career Expo.  In addition we offer Immersions -- trips that help students explore various career fields by on-site visits to organizations in places like Detroit, Grand Rapids, Chicago, New York, Los and Angeles. 

8.  How do I get an internship?

Get involved! Employers are interested in your skills and you can gain strong skills through your campus organizations, summer jobs, volunteer work, etc. A strong resume, cover letter, interviewing skills and a support system will also be essential, and we can help with all 4!

9.  What can I start doing now to ensure I will get a good job when I graduate?

While your academics are important, it is very important that you get involved! Employers are interested in your skills that you gain from campus experiences and summer jobs/internships.  It is also important to begin networking and creating community with other students and professionals.

10.  I am overwhelmed about my future goals, is there someone I can talk to?

YES! Visit us at The Career Center.  Our appointments are FREE for current students and you can schedule appointments on-line!