University Career Center

Tips for Law Day

Law Day is Thursday, September 20th, from 3-6 PM! On the second floor of the Michigan Union (Ballroom, Pendelton and Parker Rooms)


  1. Clear your schedule so you can spend as much time as possible at Law Day
  2. Peruse or print the list of participating schools
  3. At least for this exercise, ditch the US News & World Report Rankings and then develop your own list of criteria and requirements for considering schools (i.e., selectivity, geographic location, tuition, special programs, proximity to your support system, etc.)
  4. Make an initial list of the schools you are particularly interested in — chances are you already have such a list in your heart and mind
  5. Expand your list by including at least a few additional schools that you are open to consider
  6. Thoroughly review these schools’ websites. Use the ABA-LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools as needed
  7. Create a set of questions for which you have not been able to find an answer online -- works best if questions are school-specific. See ideas for good questions.
  8. If you are also shopping for an LSAT preparation course, develop your list of questions after comparing and contrasting what each of the organizations in attendace has to offer according to their website -- be an informed consumer!
  9. If you are a first or second year student, this event is for you too.  Your questions may simply focus more on preparation for law school rather than on applying.
  10. Decide what you are going to wear.  While an interview suit is not necessary, business or  business casual attire may make you feel more confident in approaching the law school representatives who might be admissions officers, faculty, alumni/ae or even currentlaw students.
  11. Consider bringing business cards if you have them (and wear your UM nametag if you have one).  (As a reminder:  Every U-M student is eligible to receive a free set of 30 business cards, compliments of the Alumni Association--just remember to pick them up after you place your order!)
  12. If you are planning on picking up a lot of school catalogs and literature, be sure to bring a bag.


See you there!