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Most graduate school programs request the results of specific standardized tests as part of your materials. Knowing what tests are required will allow you to prepare well in advance of the test date. Applicants usually try to prepare and take the required tests approximately one year prior to enrollment. For undergraduates this is usually the spring or summer of their junior year, or the fall of their senior year. However, there is not one “right” time to take a standardized test. You are encouraged to take the test when you are most prepared.

There are many ways to prepare for standardized tests. The preparation method you select should complement your learning style as well as your budget. Options include:

  • preparation guides
  • computer programs
  • samples of tests previously administered, and
  • test preparation courses

Although it is important to do as well as possible, keep in mind that your test results are one of several criteria used in evaluating your application.

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