University Career Center

Woman relaxing in a sweat lodge contraption

There is no direct formula for success when it comes to finding a job, but there are certainly a number of advisable steps you can make in order to move in the right direction:

First, build up your confidence by finding a number of jobs that are a potential good fit for you and apply to them.

Second, work on presenting your story in the best way possible.

Finally, highlight the skills that are most important to you and that paint the best picture of you. 

Keep your options open. Don't limit yourself. There are many jobs that can align with your skillset. The chance of a lifetime is right in front of you. Stop by the Career Center and speak with an advisor on how to maximize your potential of landing a job and how to take advantage of all the resources available.

Now's the time to seize the moment and stay motivated. Don't let all your hard work slip away. Keep at it and make your lofty visions come to fruition. What separates you and a job is just a few hurdles along the way. But you've cleared them before -- and you will clear them again. 

Photo credit:  Kanaka Menehune / CC BY 2.0