University Career Center

Looks like senior year isn't all fun and games after all. Last week was jam-packed and it seems like the past week was the busiest one of all for seniors. From midterms, to the career fair, to interviews, there was something big that the average senior was working on. For me, I had my share of all three.

Throughout the weekend, I was studying for one of my Economics exams. The class itself is incredibly interesting as it's on the Economics of Education. It's entirely article-based, investigating the supply and demand sides of education and evaluating the investment in education in terms of economies of scale. The first exam was over eight lectures, so it was just a process of reviewing the graphs and the key concepts - something all of us seniors have gotten used to by senior year. It was my first exam of the year, but the most challenging part was getting my brain working at full speed at 8:30 in the morning. Overall, the exam went alright and it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Then the career fair was later that day. After resting up after my exam, I did some more last-minute research on a number of companies that were coming to campus over the next two days and printed out a full stack of resumes. I had talked with a number of students over the course of the week about how to approach companies at the fair, and it was a weird feeling hearing myself say the same things I advised other students to do. As I touched on last week, the fair was a wonderful opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with an employer and show interest in their company. Overall, it was tough standing out among so many talented, bright students, but I did my best to show off my skills and illustrate how my past experiences related to the companies I was looking at.

Then on Wednesday, I had my first interview of the recruiting season. It was on-campus here at the Career Center, giving me a chance to delve deeper into my experiences and illustrate the skills that I have and how they apply to the job at hand. It was a good experience and once again, it was an interesting experience putting into practice what I have preached to students that have come in for interview help. It gave me perspective on how saying what to do is one thing, but putting it into practice is a completely different story. 

Just like anything else in life, all of these were unique experiences and learning opportunities. Perhaps my first exam wasn't my best performance, perhaps the first employer I spoke with at the career expo didn't go perfectly and perhaps this interview wasn't my strongest, but all three experiences were learning experiences. There is always room for improvement and this was no different situation. 

Last week was a chance for me to reflect on my experiences and evaluate everything - seeing what worked and what didn't. Now this week is a chance to learn from my mistakes and move forward. This semester will undoubtedly provide me with more exams, more opportunities to speak with employers and more interviews. Having that desire to always improve and always moving forward, never taking a step back will allow me and all of us to keep our goals in reach. Everything is out in front of us; now's the time to go get it.