University Career Center

Academic Credit

Students seeking academic credit as a compliment to their internship should give themselves adequate time to explore all available options and to complete any necessary steps prior to beginning their internship.  Credit is awarded at Michigan through academic departments, not the University Career Center. Students can obtain credit through one of several possible paths:

  1. Through their home department. Students who have decided on their concentration are first encouraged to explore this option. Declaring your major and/or pre-requisites courses may be required before enrolling in one of these courses.

    List of academic departments in LSA that offer an internship-related course

    Students are encouraged to refer questions to the specific academic departments in which they plan to enroll.

  1. Independent Study. Students whose internship is closely related to their academic coursework and who can find faculty sponsorship may choose to pursue an independent study.  Arranging independent studies can take careful consideration and planning. Students should start early and consult with their academic unit or a faculty advisor for more specific information such as timeline and academic work requirements.
  1. Enroll in ALA 225. For questions or more info contact:

Academic Credit and Internship Compensation

The Career Center encourages students to clarify any points of concern regarding their compensation or expectation of credit with an employer, ideally before beginning an internship. The Career Center also provides the following language to employers on the topic on unpaid internships and academic credit:

The University of Michigan Career Center does not provide legal advice. Employers interested in providing internships for University of Michigan students are ecnouraged to consult with their own advisors reagarding compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), ownership of intellectual property, general liability issues or any other potential areas of concern. The decision to grant academic credit for a student internship is made by the University of Michigan for the sole purpose of determining whether the student's internship experience satisfies the academic standards established by the student's academic unit/school/college. As a result, employers should not rely on the University's decision to grant academic credit as a determinative of their legal responsibilities under the FLSA.