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This reading list has been compiled to provide you with some resources to use in your exploration of the field of medicine. Some of the books  will have inspirational value to you, while others will simply help you learn more about a variety of topics and issues in the health care arena. You don’t have to select these particular titles to read--please explore on your own and pick different books, articles and even videos. You may find publications on your library or bookstore’s shelves that will be a lot more appealing and enticing to you than what we are suggesting here. Please follow your heart and instincts--there is nothing magical about this particular list!  Many thanks to UM Librarians for their precious contributions to the development of this list.

We only recommend that you aim to expand your knowledge in a variety of health-related topics, ranging from the history of medicine, to health care policy, all the way to medical ethics, and more. You may wish to start with titles of genuine interest to you, gradually progressing to topics with which you are the least familiar, as a way to stretch your knowledge and horizons. If you are planning to use this reading list to augment your medical school interview preparation, we recommend you aim to read one book per category (vs. multiple books in the same category) starting with the topics you know the least about.

Happy reading!