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Get Ready for Winter Career Expo Week 2018

Not everyone knows how to approach a career expo or fair, we want to change that. Below are some helpful tips, events, and insights on what to do and how to approach the Winter Career Expo Week. 


Find Employers & Organizations

Elevator Pitch & Strategy

Additional Tips

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Most organizations and companies coming to the fairs will want to take a look at your resume as a quick reference and conversation starter. Furthermore, most positions you’ll be applying for will require a resume. Time to get that thing in tip-top shape! See the below events and resources to get it looking great!

Drop-in style resume review on Tuesday, January 9th from 3 pm to 6 pm at the University Career Center.
Smart and instant feedback on your resume 24/7.
Schedule a 20-minute 1:1 resume appointment through Handshake
We have some sample resumes, action-words, and a strategy on how to write an awesome bullet-point.

Find Employers & Organizations

What happens at the Career Expo/Fair? This year Winter Expo is a bit different. We have 4 specialized fairs with 5 events over 4 days. We will be doing events, panels, and career fairs. See what interests you most.

All events, employers, and fairs can be accessed through Career Fair Plus mobile app.
Check out the list of events, employers, and fairs here.

Elevator Pitch & Strategy

What is the best way to approach an employer? What do I say?

Elevator Pitch

Think about an elevator pitch as a 30-45 second introduction of yourself. Don't include everything, rather use it as a way to pull them in and engage them in a conversation.Talking about the most relevant experience and skills should be the focus. 
When outlining what you’ll talk about using this four-step approach:
  1. Current and past

    • Who are you, what do you do, what’s your expertise, and what have you done in the past?

  2. Why should they care?

    • Based on your research and what you know about them, why should they care? This is your chance to show off some knowledge and expertise that applies to them.

  3. Your purpose

    • What do you want and why are you talking to them?

    • Is there a specific posting on Handshake?

    • What about them made you want to talk to them?

  4. Finish with asking an open-ended question

Elevator Pitch Videos


Strategy | The 3Rs


When preparing yourself for talking to employers/recruiters try to use this as a framework for getting ready:


Take time to get to know the organization/employer you're going to talk to. Read over their profile, if they have a position posted to get to know what you'll be doing. This will show the recruiters that you are engaged and have done some preparation.


Based on the research you've done, what about that organization or position interests you most? What questions that are important that you get answered? How well do you know yourself? Recruiters are very interested in how well you know yourself and the organization/position. Take some time to reflect on your experience at UM, student organizations, etc.


Finally, practice your elevator pitch (a 30 to 45-second introduction to you). It can seem a little odd to practice an elevator pitch. That's normal. I would grab a friend or record yourself on video or audio to get some quick immediate feedback. See below for tips on an elevator pitch.

Additional strategies:

  1. "How to get a job at the career fair"
  2. "How to take advantage of your career fair"