University Career Center

Flyer image that was used for the 2016 Pre-Health Student Orientation event

What are some adjectives you would use to describe trying to sort out health careers?  Overwhelming? Confusing? Exciting?  Well, the U-M University Career Center (UCC) is here to help!

On September 6th, the UCC--in conjunction with the Newnan Advising Center--held an orientation aimed at introducing incoming and transfer students to the pre-health resources available on campus and to begin important conversations about preparing for a health career.  Much to our delight and... surprise, 900+ students showed up! The night started off with some pre-health trivia and later focused on the areas of academics, career exploration and personal development. The event was described by some of the participants as "high energy", "exciting" and... "overcrowded", but clearly no pre-health student wanted to miss out.  The interest and engagement were so high that the event continued for an hour longer than planned due to all the questions from the audience.

If you missed this orientation but would like to know more about health careers and UCC related services, join the Health Career Track in Handshake using the directions below!

  1. Sign into Handshake
  2. Click on "Your Career Interests" on the left side of the page
  3. Scroll down to Career Tracks (under "Where are you interested in living?")
  4. Select which Career Tracks you want to join
  5. Click "Save My Career Interests" and you are done!