University Career Center

Now perhaps more than ever before PhDs are pursuing a myriad of opportunities outside the academy. There are no pre-set paths for PhD students looking to leave academe. Initially the process may feel overwhelming because a non-academic search lacks the lock step process most academic searches employ. That being said there are many exciting opportunities for PhDs in a variety of industries. While it is important to note that PhDs can be employed in almost any industry we do observe trends in terms of where PhDs are employed. Some industries PhDs are particularly interested in include: 

  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Government 
  • Museums
  • Non-Profits
  • Think Tanks 
  • University Administration 
  • Writing


As you start exploring non-academic opportunities check out: 

  • Vitae: This Chronicle of Higher Education's academic and non-academic job and career advice portal.
  • #alt-academy: a media commons project for humanities PhDs exploring alternative career paths. 
  • Beyond Academe: An exploration and job search resource started by two PhDs in History who pursued alternative-to-academic paths. 
  • PhD Career Guide: A thorough resource on a number of different career options PhDs may pursue outside of the academy.  
  • Branching Points: a website devoted to helping science PhD students interested in pursuing non-academic options.