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Telephone Interviews

Because of time and cost, phone interviews are often your first conversation with employers. Find out how to make sure it’s not your last!

Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral interviewing is a unique and increasingly common way of asking questions to assess your past performance in certain situations. The links below can help you prepare to be your best during behavioral interviews.

Case Interviews

In consulting, and some other industries, you will be asked to participate in case interviews. Case interviewing requires a very different approach than traditional interviews. The links below can help you understand and prepare for case interviews.

Video Interviews

Instead of phone interviews, some companies have begun to move toward preliminary interviews using video chat tools like Skype. Much of the advice for in-person and phone interviews remains the same for video interviews, but extra preparation should be taken to ensure that things like the computer you will be using, and the chat software are operating properly. You don’t want to mess up or miss your interview simply because of a technology issue. It is also important to consider the placement of your webcam, and to look into the camera while you're speaking (easier said than done). A great tip is to position the video window with your interviewers directly beneath the webcam, in order to best simulate ‘normal’ conditions for good eye-contact. Below is a great article on video interviews. It was written from the perspective of someone seeking an academic job at a university, but much of the info is appropriate for any interviewee:

Medical School Interviews