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'Meet the Interns' (Free Food, Free Advice, and Fun Activities on the Diag)

Have you ever looked at an internship/job posting and passed on applying because you didn't think it was feasible or realistic that you'd land it? 

If so, you're not alone. We've heard from students that often times they'll look at an internship/job posting and then evaluate it based on whether they think it's attainable or not.

Some students think 'That's cool but are they really going to hire someone like me?' — and then they don't apply.

But the answer is 'yes' — they do hire students like you.

However even though we tell students this some are still reluctant to believe us until they hear it from other U-M students who have worked there and who share the steps they took in order to get hired.

That's one of the reasons we created 'Meet the Interns'.

Because at 'Meet the Interns' you can hear from other U-M students and ask them about their experience at organizations like Tesla, Quicken Loans, Kellogg’s, Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, Madison Square Garden, etc. And you can also hear what each of those students did to get hired.

Over 70 students will be on hand to talk about their internships in fashion, marketing, sports, finance, public policy, retail, healthcare, and more.

Want to see  the list of organizations that 'Meet the Interns' students worked at? Visit the 'Meet the Interns' Facebook event and check out the most recent post:

Meet the Interns
Wednesday, September 12th
6PM - 8PM
Michigan Diag

FREE Professional Clothing

Looking for something to wear to an upcoming internship/job fair? Want to add to your professional wardrobe because you're presenting at a conference or you're attending a networking event?

The University Career Center (UCC) offers the chance for you to do that via the UCC Clothes Closet

Each semester you (and any other U-M student) can pick up to three free business casual / business professional items from a wide selection of clothing donated by U-M faculty, staff, and alumni.

You can also receive tips on how to dress to impress as well as tips on how to build your professional brand.

The first Clothes Closet event of the semester is on Friday, September 14th.

It starts at 3:30PM and takes place in the Maize & Blue Auditorium which is located on the first floor of the Student Activities Building.

Free professional headshots are also offered during large Clothes Closet events.

Please note that due to space constraints Clothes Closet events are capped after the first 200 students arrive. Once that cap is hit, no other students will be allowed to participate that day.

UCC Clothes Closet
Friday, September 14th
3:30PM - 5:00PM
Maize & Blue Auditorium | Student Activities Building

Events This Week

To see other events related to internships, jobs, and general career exploration, please visit our Upcoming Events page. All of the upcoming events are also listed in Handshake as well as on the Happening @ Michigan events calendar.

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