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Get Help With Your Resume or Internship Search

The University Career Center (UCC) offers Internship/Resume Labs to help you reach the desired outcome you're looking for.

Labs are designed so you can drop-in and leave at any time. No appointment necessary.

You may have questions about:

  • How to start your internship search
  • Specific areas within your resume or cover letter
  • Additional guidance for things that are unique to your situation
  • How you can find opportunities that match what you want to do
  • How you can make sure your resume makes it through keyword filters so it's actually seen by recruiters
  • What you should do if you don't know anyone that works at a specific company or in a specific industry/field

If you're still working on your resume or if you're still getting your summer internship plans in order then you should stop by one of the labs this week:

Everyone’s resume and internship search will be unique. But there are a lot of things everyone should know and be doing (including you) regardless of whether you’re interested in research, finance, fashion, health, music, advertising, technology, etc.

Plus, students say that they feel more equipped after attending a lab. Why wouldn't you want to feel the same way for your resume or internship search?

Jobs & Internships for U-M Students

Looking for a job or internship but don't know where to start at?

Have you heard of Handshake? It was built by college students to make it easier to find companies that are looking to hire college students for their internship and job openings.

  • You can use search filters to filter out internships/jobs that don't match your desired industry, location, or pay
  • You can set up 'saved searches' so that you can come back and quickly see new opportunities that match your interests
  • You can make your profile visible to recruiters so that the ones who like your skills & experiences can message you directly about one of their open positions

Handshake also lets you see when workshops/tutorials are being held, when graduate/professional schools will be on campus, and when employers will be on campus for networking events / information sessions / career fairs.

Don't miss out ⏤ Handshake provides you with access to a wide range of opportunities.

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As you consider Handshake postings and events please note that jobs, internships, and event postings are included due to their potential interest to students. Inclusion of a posting does not imply school endorsement of the particular program, opportunity, or school/employer described.

U-M Alumni Who Want To Share Their Advice With You

The University Career Alumni Network (UCAN) is a platform that allows you to connect with U-M alumni and other professionals.

These are people who were in your position once and know how helpful it was (or would have been) to have career related conversations with people who work at a particular company or in a particular industry/field.

This is different from LinkedIn. Alumni and professionals on LinkedIn are there for a variety of reasons. Alumni and professionals on UCAN are there specifically to help you and other U-M students.

So if you're looking for a way to standout during your internship/job search start by talking to the people who in the field you're interested in or who are doing things that you think are cool.

Gather valuable insights and exposure to the world of work through this free professional resource.

Get their advice about industries and positions you may be interested in. Start networking today! 

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Events This Week

To see other events related to internships, jobs, and general career exploration, please visit our Upcoming Events page. All of the upcoming events are also listed in Handshake as well as on the Happening @ Michigan events calendar.

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