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Three Resources You Should Use When Searching For An Internship/Job

There are a lot of resources across campus ⏤ so many that it's easy to miss a few of them.

Here are three that you don't want to miss when searching for an internship/job:


I. Handshake

When employers/recruiters call the University Career Center and ask us where they should post their internship and job listings so that they can recruit U-M students we point them to our recruiting platform called Handshake. 

If you're wondering where to find internship and job postings that are specific to U-M students then you should start by looking in Handshake. At the time of writing, when filtering for 'paid roles only', there are close to 4,000 internship/job listings.  

Handshake is also a great way to find out about career related events and workshops. If you're wondering when organizations will be on campus for info sessions or when recruiters will be here for on-campus interviews then be sure to use Handshake and search filters.

Find Internships/Jobs In Handshake


II. UCAN (the University Career Alumni Network)

When students tell us that they're interested in a certain field or that they want to work at a specific company but they don't have any friends or family who work there we remind them that they have access to UCAN and the alumni/professionals on there who want to speak with them. 

UCAN makes it easy to message U-M alumni and other professionals in the field. It's free to use. And it's a quick way to expand your professional network as well as get feedback and advice on any career related questions you have.

Knowing people in the industry or at a company makes it easier to get a better understanding of what it's like to work there. And knowing people also makes it easier for you to know what you need to do in order to make yourself a more marketable applicant for internships/jobs there.

There's plenty of people you can get to know by using UCAN.

Connect With U-M Alumni On UCAN


III. Internship/Job Labs

Internship/Job Labs allow you to get your specific questions answered in a quick and convenient manner. No appointment necessary. Just drop in and talk about what's on your mind. Walk away equipped with how you can move forward.

This is for you if:

  • You have specific questions around landing an internship/job
  • You have a few ideas but you’re not sure how to get started
  • You have no idea what you're doing but want to get going

Chat with folks from the University Career Center to explore Handshake, the University Career Alumni Network (UCAN) and to learn about other tools you can use to build a great internship/job search strategy.

Drop In During An Internship/Job Lab

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