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2018 Law Day

Law Day is a great way to connect with a large number of law schools right here on campus! Law Day offers something for everyone:

Juniors / Seniors:

  • Learn about specific programs from law school representatives
  • Collect application and financial aid information
  • Get tips on personal statements, applications, and reference letters

Freshmen / Sophomores

  • Ask questions about undergrad coursework and extra-curricular activities
  • Explore law school options
  • Build networks for the future

See the list of participating schools / law-related organizations

Attire is business casual. No pre-registration necessary. Registration is on-site the day of the event. Bring your student ID.

Law Day 
October 10th
Michigan League
12:00 - 3:00 PM

Don't miss the chance to speak with representatives from ~100 law schools and law-related organizations!

Unsure Of What You Want To Do? Feeling Stuck? Try Taking A Career Assessment

You might want to consider taking a career assessment if you want help evaluating/weighing options you've been considering.

Assessements are meant to assist you when deciding on what you want to do ⏤ rather than directing or informing you of what you should do.

They take and compare your answers with others. And they can be helpful in shedding light on particular areas that you may have never thought about before.


Consider taking Clifton Strengths if you're wondering:

  • What your natural talents are and how they can relate to career options
  • How you can leverage your talents in different responsibilities

It takes 45 minutes and costs $10


Consider taking Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) if you're wondering:

  • What your personality type says about tasks that you may enjoy and/or environments that you might like to work in
  • How your personality type impacts group dynamics

It takes 45-60 minutes and costs $20


Consider taking Strong Interest Inventory (SII) if you're wondering:

  • How your interests relate to your possible career options
  • What potential skills and interests you should explore

It takes 45-60 minutes and costs $20


Learn More About Career Assessments


(Note: If you want to take a particular assessment and have some financial concerns please contact us at 734- 764-7460)

Welcome To The First Year Resume Challenge!

Is this your first year on campus? If yes, then here's the scoop: we know you're going to need a resume.

Looking for a research opportunity? Thinking about a summer job? Want to work on campus? 

We want to help you so that you're prepared with an AWESOME resume.

So far 691 students have uploaded their resume to VMOCK, or attended a resume lab, as part of the first year resume challenge. Will you be next?

It's easy. Follow these three steps to join: 

  1. Go to and login through your umich account. 
  2. Upload a PDF version of your resume.
  3. Get instantaneous feedback from the comfort of your room!

Don't have a resume yet? Not sure where to start? Not ready to upload a draft? That's ok.

Check out our online resources or sign up to attend an in-person resume lab. (Go to the Handshake "events" page and search for "resume lab" to see upcoming dates.)

Good Luck and Go Blue!

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