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2019 Fall Job & Internship Fair

Whether it's joy or relief, or a mixture of both, landing your internship or first job out of college is usually a good feeling.

But in order to land one, you have to prioritize your job search.

Because past data has shown that it can take three-to-six months to go from starting your search ▸ to applying ▸ to getting interview offers ▸ to getting internship/job offers ▸ to weighing your options ▸ to accepting your offer (i.e., start date, location, compensation, benefits, etc).

So get a jump on your internship/job search by making time this week to meet companies that are doing work that you're interested in.

Recruiters from more than 150 companies will be at this week's Fall Job & Internship Fair meeting with students from across all majors and all schools & colleges.

See which companies you want to meet with on Wednesday (day 1) and which ones you want to meet with on Thursday (day 2) ⏤ because companies only attend one of the two days.

Fall Job & Internship Fair 
October 2nd & 3rd, 2019
12:00pm - 4:00pm
Michigan League

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Prepare For Your Real Interview With Our FREE Mock Interview

Recruiting season is here which means interviews are taking place right now as well.

Some interviews are in person, some are over the phone, some are through video chats, and some are with artificial intelligence systems (i.e., one-way interviews).

But regardless of format, you can still take advantage of our FREE mock interviews so that you can work out any kinks and see how you perform before your real interview.

For mock interviews, you'll go through practice interview questions with someone playing the role of your interviewer.

Afterwards, you'll get feedback on how you did ⏤ including what you did well and any areas that you can improve upon.

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Events This Week

To see other events related to internships, jobs, and general career exploration, please visit our Upcoming Events page. All of the upcoming events are also listed in Handshake as well as on the Happening @ Michigan events calendar.

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