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Explore Career Assessments

We're pretty excited about career assessments because it's a chance for you and other students to:

  • Discover your natural talents and how those can related to a career
  • See how your interests and personality influence the type of roles, environments, and organizations you might enjoy working in

Learning about one of the most important topics in your life (i.e., yourself) and reflecting on what you discover can go a long way in helping you narrow down what it is that you want to do.

And it's also helpful when talking to friends and family who ask you what you want to do.

Plus it's chance for us to get to know more about you and how we can be there for you while you explore internships/jobs and potential career paths.


Consider taking Clifton Strengths if you're wondering:

  • What your natural talents are and how they can relate to career options
  • How you can leverage your talents in different responsibilities

It takes 45 minutes and costs $10


Consider taking Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) if you're wondering:

  • What your personality type says about tasks that you may enjoy and/or environments that you might like to work in
  • How your personality type impacts group dynamics

It takes 45-60 minutes and costs $20


Consider taking Strong Interest Inventory (SII) if you're wondering:

  • How your interests relate to your possible career options
  • What potential skills and interests you should explore

It takes 45-60 minutes and costs $20


Learn More About Career Assessments


(Note: If you want to take a particular assessment and have some financial concerns please contact us at 734- 764-7460)

Meet For One-to-One Career Advising

  • If you want feedback on how to get past something that's holding you back ⏤ we're here for you.
  • If you want assistance finding people to speak to or opportunities to apply for ⏤ we're here for you.
  • If you want help figuring out how your major or your experiences relate to a career ⏤ we're here for you.
  • If you want specific answers to questions about your resume, cover letter, personal statement, salary offer, start date, you name it ⏤ we're here for you.
  • If you just want someone to bounce ideas off of ⏤ we're here for you. 

There are a lot of questions & topics related to your internship/job search, your graduate/professional school plans, and any of the time you plan on taking between school and your career ⏤ and we're here for it all.

You can meet with us in-person, by phone, or by Google Hangout. And depending on what you want to chat about, the advising session will last 20-40 minutes.

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Events This Week

To see other events related to internships, jobs, and general career exploration, please visit our Upcoming Events page. All of the upcoming events are also listed in Handshake as well as on the Happening @ Michigan events calendar.

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