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Resume & Internship Labs

Plan on applying for a job around campus? Thinking about applying for a research position? Have your heart set on joining a specific student organization?

If so, drop in during a Resume Lab to get feedback on how you can improve your resume so that your application stands out.

If you’re applying to internships on Handshake, LinkedIn, or Indeed and you’re not getting interview offers then drop in during an Internship Lab to get help with what you should be doing differently to improve your chances.

You can essentially think of Labs like visits to the Apple Genius Bar but without the long wait times — and for resume & internship questions instead of hardware questions.

Everyone’s resume and internship search will be unique. But there are a lot of things everyone should know and be doing (including you) regardless of whether you’re interested in research, finance, fashion, health, music, advertising, technology, etc.

Pre-Health Student Orientation

If you’re planning to go to med school, dental school, or another health profession program after undergrad you should consider yourself a Pre-Health student. And as a Pre-Health student you should know that this week's orientation is specifically for you.

There are a lot of FREE resources that the University of Michigan can offer you in terms of helping you reach your professional goals. Make sure you know what those are.

You don't want to miss out on things that could help you with your classes, volunteer/shadowing opportunities, test prep, or application costs. Stand out as a candidate in your chosen health profession by utilizing what’s available to you.

Additionally, go and meet people who are interested in similar fields that you’re interested in. This is a great way to meet other students who you can befriend and turn to for support during your time here at Michigan.

Being a Pre-Health student can be a challenge. So unless you’re set on purposely putting yourself in particularly challenging situations, don’t go through the process alone and be aware of the common pitfalls/challenges that arise (and how to overcome them) by attending orientation.

Due to room capacity, please try to attend the appropriate session according to your last name's initial. If you’re unable to attend your orientation due to a time conflict you can still attend the other session.

Events This Week

To see other events related to internships, jobs, and general career exploration, please visit our Upcoming Events page. All of the upcoming events are also listed in Handshake as well as on the Happening @ Michigan events calendar.

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