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3rd Annual 'Meet the Interns' Event Happening This Week (Includes Free Food)

When it comes to internships and jobs, your fellow U-M students are great resources.

But it's not always easy to find other students who have worked at places you might want to work at — and who are available to share their advice and experience with you.

That’s why we host ‘Meet the Interns’ each year. This year's event is co-sponsored by Citi, DTE Energy, Goldman Sachs, ZS Associates, and BP.

Students told us that they like hearing from other students because it makes landing internships & jobs more realistic once you hear how someone else from U-M got there.

They also said it’s nice to hear from students because they're more likely to tell it like it is.

So stop by on Wednesday, September 18th, 2019 to chat with U-M students who interned in fashion, marketing, sports, finance, public policy, retail, healthcare, and more.

Because they want to share their advice and their internship experience with you — plus there will be free pizza and cookies.

Meet the Interns
September 18th
5:00pm - 7:00pm
The Diag

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Go On An Immersion And Visit Companies Over Fall Break

Visit companies with other U-M students because those visits can help you decide whether or not you could see yourself interning/working at those places — or, more broadly, in certain fields or industries.

However, do not overlook the idea that these visits are also opportunities to meet other U-M students with similar interests (or curiosities) as yourself.

Michigan is huge, so it can be nice when you meet someone new who you can connect with over something you’re both interested in.

There are company visits (which we call Immersions) coming up over Fall Break.

We’re taking U-M students to Detroit to visit StockX HQ and Little Caesar’s Enterprises HQ on Monday, October 14th. And then we're taking students to visit Detroit Free Press and Insight Global on Tuesday, October 15th.

If you’re curious about various internship/job opportunities at any of these places (and want to set yourself apart from others by making connections and getting information you can’t find online) then you should come.

But if these places aren’t for you, or you already have plans, then be sure to still look around campus for other chances to go on company visits — whether it’s with student orgs, your school or college, or with our office at a later date.

Detroit Fall Break Immersions (the deadline to apply is Sunday, September 29th)

  • October 14th, 2019: StockX and Little Caesar’s Enterprises
  • October 15th, 2019: Detroit Free Press and Insight Global

Apply to StockX and Little Caesar’s Enterprises Immersion

Apply to Detroit Free Press and Insight Global Immersion 

Events This Week 

To see other events related to internships, jobs, and general career exploration, please visit our Upcoming Events page. All of the upcoming events are also listed in Handshake as well as on the Happening @ Michigan events calendar.

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