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The University of Michigan Reference Letter Service (RLS) offers UM students and alumni/ae the opportunity to house reference letters in support of their application to graduate programs nationwide.  Many programs prefer to receive reference letters electronically.  To prepare to send your letters to a graduate program (other than medical, dental or law schools) electronically, take the following steps:

1. Request letters from your recommenders

2. When completing your grad school applications, in the letters of recommendation section, enter one RLS email address as each letter writer’s contact email:

3. When submitting your request to send letters via the RLS, choose the “Electronic Upload” option.

UM Alumni/ae Applying To Rackham

  • The RLS Evaluation Form replaces the Rackham Recommendation for Admission form.
  • When submitting your request to the RLS to send letters, specify “Rackham” along with the Department and Organization name.

PLEASE NOTE:  Increasingly, certain application services no longer accept reference letters housed at University Reference Letter Services such as the University of Michigan Reference Letter Service and require individual upload directly by the letter writers.  Although the list is not exhaustive, some of these application services include:


For questions, please contact the RLS at 734-764-7459 or send an e-mail to