University Career Center

A screenshot of the Career Center Connector (c3) home page

Many students regularly use The Career Center's online job posting/interview scheduling system, Career Center Connector (or c3).  However, some may not be aware of this helpful tool.  c3 contains job/internship postings (and possible campus interviewing opportunities) from employers specifically targeting YOU!  Only UM, Ann Arbor students have access to this system.

Below are some tips to help you get started and/or become a more savvy user.

1. New to c3? It''s easy to get started. Go to and use your U-M uniqname and Kerberos log in.

2. Creat your profile and keep it updated.  If you are a senior now, we're betting that "undeclared" in your major field is likely out of date.   While new users need to complete required fields in their profile before getting started, returning users should take a minute to review their profile and make updates.  Your profile determines eligibility to apply for jobs so be sure it's accurate and up-to-date.

Be sure to complete the "career interests" section.  The Career Center uses this information to occasionally email with information from employers who fit your interests (e.g. upcoming information sessions, office hours or workshops).

3. Use advanced search feature. From jobs/internships section, click on "Advanced Search" tab.  You can narrow your search by selecting only internships or only full-time positions; you can narrow further by job function (role you'd play if hired), geographic location and/or by other criteria.  

4. Save your advanced search and have the system email you with regular updates. When doing an advanced search (see #3), you have to option to save your search as a "search agent".  This is the first field you see while selecting criteria for your search.  

For example, if you are seeking advertising internships, save your search with this name.  After you run the search, click on "Search Agents" tab and Advertising Internships will appear.  Click the "schedule" button and you'll be able to instruct the system to email you with updated postings on a regular basis, determined by you (e.g. 1/week, 2/month, etc.).  This helps you stay on top of all the new opportunities that fit your interests being added to the system.

5. Identify favorite postings.  Find a position of interest that you want to go back and apply for later?  Simply click on the star icon next to the job title.  This identifies the position as a "favorite".  Use the "favorites" tab to retrieve all positions you identified as favorites.  

6.  Quickly find a list of everyone who is conducting campus interviews during Winter Term 2013.   Use "Advanced Search" tab (see #3).  Scroll to OCR Interview Date field and search from January 9, 2013 through March 31, 2013.  Submit and you'll see a list of all employers scheduled for campus interviews to date, with information on positions, application timelines, etc.  You can also narrow by other criteria so you can limit to OCR for internships or full-time jobs, and any other search criteria available within the advanced search section.

7.  Need help?  Email or discuss c3 during an upcoming appointment with one of our staff members.